Train Travel

Looking at last year’s diary I see that it is a whole year since I travelled on a train. It was only a journey of 100 miles from my home city to the Edinburgh. But it was travel to another country, supposing Scotland is another country! As I live only nine miles from the border I can only travel nine miles north before I meet an invisible barrier. When I come to think of it, nine miles is probably as far as I’m supposed to travel, even alone in a car.

Did we appreciate our freedom when we had it? Probably not. That is mankind for you, never being thankful for what we have. So therefore I’m thankful for the sun shining today, it might not be shining tomorrow (I’m fact, it probably won’t) I’m thankful for the birds singing. They will be singing tomorrow, especially if it’s raining. I’m thankful for the kind family who brought me home-made scones, jam and cream yesterday, ( a virtual afternoon tea) so I didn’t feel lonely.

I am thankful.