Wear God

This was the title of a sermon I heard recently. Was it a misprint; did the preacher mean ‘Where is God.’ We need God in every part of our lives. My mind went to Ephesians 6:10-18 It is necessary to have God like an armour.

Paul starts by telling us to be strong in the Lord; a necessity in these evil days and then put on the whole armour of God. We need to search the Bible to find out what is truth. I’m hearing so many non-truths in Christian circles that it breaks my heart. hat was a strange title for a sermon. Had the typist made a spelling mistake? Should it have been ‘Where is God?’ No, there was no mistake.

The preacher then explained that we need to have God in every part of our life. We need to wear Him like clothes. My mind turned to Ephesians 6:10-18. It is a passage we know so well, but can gloss over. Paul starts by urging us to be strong in the Lord and His mighty power. In this present life, as Christians we are going to need to be strong.

He says put on the belt of truth. We need the belt of truth buckled round our waist. As has been said, What is truth? I am hearing so many non-truths in Christians circles that it breaks my heart. We need the breastplate of righteousness. Our hearts need protecting; falsehoods in the heart will break our spirit and resolve. Our feet fitted with the gospel of peace. Peace, so much needed in an ever-increasing divided world.

Take up the shield of faith, so we can extinguish the flaming arrows of the evil one. These arrows come from every direction, we need to be wrapped round with God’s shield. Take the helmet of salvation; keep our minds on God, don’t let the world’s intellect lead us astray. The sword of the spirit is God’s word. As God has written to us, we need to study His letter.

So the preacher was right ‘ Wear God.’