I recently went to a wedding which I felt was truly inclusive. The bride was from Estonia and the groom from England. They had previously been married in Estonia a few weeks previously where the brides family and friends and were able to be present. Now they were having a ceremony for the groom family and friends in England. Because this was 2021 it was not possible to easily move between countries.

Every age was represented by the guests; a few children, one baby in arms right through to older people. It was also inclusive in that the ceremony took place in an old English church being used by modern guests. The outfits worn by these the guests were those befitting for the 21st century.

As the photos were taken after the service , those of us who were not part of the family rested on the tombstones of those who had died hundreds of years ago. The sun under which we basked was the same as it always has been and always will be.