Transform, Revive and Heal Society

What a powerful Christian song.

Lord, we ask to be transformed because in some cases in our society we are going down the wrong paths. Wrong it often regarded as right and right is regarded as wrong. Our standards have shifted. Evil is allowed to flourish. Wrong-doing is applauded. The pandemic has shifted our foundations as a society. We are standing on shifting sand.

Lord, we ask You to revive society. We are tired and flagging. those things we struggled for no longer exist. Friends and family have been distant; jobs no longer exist. Poverty is too wide-spread and family values undermined. What was normal is no longer normal. We do not know where to look for help. The world will never quite be the same again.

Lord, we pray for healing. Hurt is rife, relationships are broken and neighbourhood friendships splintered. We no longer have faith in what we read or the news we hear. Scams intrude into every corner of our lives. Friends have become foes, companions, enemies. A healing balm is needed. rifts have to be healed.

There is only one place where there can be transformation, revival and healing. That is in You. It is only by looking to You that we will recover. If our towns, cities and communities flourish, then so will we. It is in our turning away that we have floundered. We turn to You, the healer, restorer. May the church rise up and be a beacon and a leader in the affairs of men. Lord, we cry to You, we need You.