I’ve decided to update my cooking; or more accurately to ‘herb’ it up. I found a small empty batch in my garden and decided to fill it with herbs. At a visit to my local garden centre I found an offer of five potted herbs for the price of four. I prepared five slightly larger pots and arranged them in the space in an artistic way.. (At least I hope they’re artistically arranged).

Then a visit to Google showed me how to use them in my cooking, which was the object in the first place. I discovered that dill as well as having a delicate feathery appearance had a unique taste. I can use it in soups, salads and with seafood. So far, so good.

Then I planted mint. I discovered there are 300 different types of mint; my favourites are peppermint and spearmint. My bought specimen didn’t name a type, but the smell was pleasant and strong. I can use my mint in mint sauce, mint jelly, in teas and even in ice cream.

My lemon balm smelled lemony, of course. It can be used with fish, poultry and vegetables.

The chives as well as having a pretty mauve flower if left to flower can be used in egg lorraine. I think that will involve another visit to Google.

Finally I planted thyme. That can be used with rosemary, sage, and marjoram. But I’m not going to buy those. I’ve run out of space and have quite enough herb cooking ideas for the moment.