Reluctant Obedience

I think the character of Thomas, the disciple, is so interesting. Often when his name is mentioned, there is an addition ‘also known as Didymus.’ Didymus, the doubter. What a burden that name must have been. Was it a name he was given at birth, or did his life reflect it. I shudder what name my friends would give me, let alone my enemies. I wonder what name God has given me.

In John 16 we read that Jesus was intending to return to Jerusalem because His friend Lazarus had died. That city spelled trouble for Jesus and His followers. Would they be captured or killed? It was up to Thomas to voice their fears. ‘Let us go also, that we may die with Him.’ What a doom laden statement. Yes, he would follow His master, but it would mean his death!

Then in John 14 we hear from Thomas again. ‘Lord, we don’t know where You are going, so how can we know the way.’ Practical and down to earth Thomas.

The next time we hear of Thomas is in the upper room after the resurrection of Jesus. It was obviously like Thomas to be missing at the Lord’s first appearance (I wonder where he was when all the other disciples were there) On being told of the appearance he said he needed to put his hand in the nail prints. Down to earth again until Jesus appeared, then everything was swept to one side in his adoration of his risen Lord.

We can’t judge Thomas. Just think what kind of disciple we would have been!