In His Name

We often use these words or similar at the end of our prayers. ‘For His name’s sake.’ ‘In the name of Christ.’ We are acknowledging that we do not come to God Almighty in our own strength or merit. It is only by the sacrifice of Jesus on our behalf that we even dare to pray to God.

Why do we say these words at the end of our prayers and not at the beginning. We start our prayers, give our praise and make our requests. But we haven’t acknowledged that we are praying through Jesus. We are talking to the One Almighty God, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Maker of Heaven and Earth. Moses removed His sandals in submission at the burning bush and when he had been in the presence of God his face was too radiant for the Israelites to look at it.

Would our prayers be deeper and more meaningful if we firstly acknowledged the one through we pray, Jesus Christ our Saviour?