The Fourth Cafe

As I plodded round the shops I realised that I felt extremely tired and exhausted. Using a bit of common sense I knew I needed something to drink. I was dehydrated. These days to get a drink in a cafe is not an easy task.

In first place I approached I found I needed to book. Honestly, book for a just glass of water! My next attempt was closed. The third was closed for a private function. Thinking of the Biblical text about giving a glass of water to a stranger didn’t help. Then looking up one street I spied people sitting out at tables. It meant more steps and up an incline. Did I have enough strength? But I’m used to exhaustion, so up I went.

By now a glass of water was not enough, I ordered a glass of juice and the smallest cake I could see. I sank down at one of the outside tables. Then a voice said ‘It’s Carol, isn’t it.’ Standing beside me was a friend I hadn’t seen for about six years. As she sat down opposite me I could only wonder how God had intervened. God wanted me at this table at this particular time. My friend, who didn’t often use this cafe had been led by God to this place at this particular time.

My friend was the only person who I knew lived in this town which I hadn’t been to for about two years. A friendship was renewed and much of the next day spent together. I could not have dreamed of this meeting. Only God could orange it. This God of ours who controls the universe and everything in it, loves us enough to care for us in this way. I could only thank and praise God all over again.