The New Normal

Since the beginning of the pandemic life has changed for everyone. We might even forget how things were before this catastrophe. To a small degree we can choose whether our present normal is better or worse.

In the very large things we have little choice, we have to go along with our nation and government. But the change in the small things are up to us. We can have negative thoughts or positive thoughts. Our minds can dwell on the bad things or we can look for the good. Our minds work in grooves; bad thoughts will lead to further bad thoughts; good thoughts will lead to further good thoughts.

As there is more sadness, poverty and troubles around we can be a bright light in people’s lives. If we are Christian, we can share our faith and our hopes. We can be more generous with our money and if we have none, then give someone a meal or even a smile. Time is one of the most precious gifts we can give. Time and a listening ear will have a healing effect.

Yes, things are difficult but let us look to better times. They will come. Let us be ready with our smile, encouragement and hope. Things will be different. Even in the Bible we read ‘See I am doing a new thing.’