Missing Instructions

All my friends know that I’m no good at anything technical. I’m better on the artistic side. I struggle with computers, IPads, tablets, mobile phones and so many other gadgets which are becoming essential to everyday life.

Fortunately I have some long-suffering friends. They explain where I’ve gone wrong and tell me what to do next. As they explain I think I understand the problem but when they’ve gone I realised that I don’t understand all the instructions and again I’m struggling. I do make note but then I can’t find them or can’t read what I’ve written. Oh dear. When things are explained to me once again, often I’ve forgotten just one of the steps of the instructions. Therefore things don’t work again. The gadget won’t do what I want it to do.

I wonder in our Christian lives if we forget one instruction from God. Possibly something which we don’t like to hear. What is our essential message from God which we are ignoring?