The Calling

I always love to read the story in Luke 5 of Jesus calling the disciples. Peter and Andrew had been fishing all night and had caught nothing. They were then approached by a non-fisherman giving them advice. We are not told if He was already known to the brothers, but it seems they obeyed without hesitation. The result was a record haul of fish. When God gives, He doesn’t do it sparingly, He gives abundantly and overflowingly. Their nets which they had been washing and mending began to break.

It is possible that all four fishermen, Simon, Andrew, James and John left their occupation, family and familiar of life on that day. What happened to the fishing company, were they large enough to work with depleted numbers? As always the bible leaves us asking questions. What I need to remember is that I am told all I need to know, the questions can wait for eternity.