Storm Arwen

The other day a large section of the British Isles was affected by Storm Arwen. Many thousands were without power for an unacceptably long period. Their suffering must have been intense. Travel disruption was great. It was often not possible to get from A to B safely. A few people lost their lives, impacting their families and friends with grief and sadness.

My own suffering was tiny. My friend and I were visiting another friend in Kendal. We decided to visit parts of Lake Windermere. We were alright until we decided to return home. Then nearly every road we tried to travel along was blocked by fallen trees. Some had been moved off the road but being only two or three days after the storm it hadn’t been possible for them all to be cleared. At one time we drove over a live cable. We became three praying-hard ladies at that point.

The storm reminded me of life. The storms of life are sometimes so devastating that we are thrown off balance, unable to stand or cope. The winds of grief, persecution, illness and loneliness are almost too much to bear. Sometimes life is a live cable, almost ready to destroy at any time.

We do not need to fight the storm alone. We have a Master Road Clearer, a Storm Calmer and a Navigator. Jesus came to guide us through the storms of life.