A New Story

I wish that this was the first Christmas that I heard the story of Jesus’s birth. I would like to receiving the story of the visit of the shepherds and the wise men as a new story. Then maybe I would be filled with the wonder and amazement that the story deserves.

It is thrilling and wonderful to read about the angel visiting Mary and telling her that she is to be the mother of the Messiah. I want to feel the anguish of Joseph; what should he do about Mary, this young maiden who he loves. He faces heartbreak. So stunning to read about the angels visiting the shepherds up on the hills, experiencing what up to when was an ordinary day. There is the story of the long dangerous journey of the wise men, following the star and getting lost in Herod’s palace before worshipping at the manger.

Then I realise that if I had never heard this story before , I would have missed out on many meaningful Christmases. Although I know how the story unfolds, it is still wonderful and miraculous. I can still be overwhelming by the significance of the message as I too worship at the manger.