Contents Will Settle

I love the skin that forms on custard, but to get a skin you need to use proper custard powder, none of this instant stuff. I opened a new tin of the powder to make custard for my Christmas pudding. I noticed the tin wasn’t completely full and felt cheated. Then I did what I should have done in the first place and read the label on the tin. It read ‘contents will settle’. It hadn’t been possible to put in any more powder when it was sealed. OK, I hadn’t been cheated but I still felt a bit let down.

The next day when I read my Bible, I thought back to this incident. When God gives us a packet of His love, grace and kindness, He doesn’t ever short-change us. There is no ‘contents will settle’ with Him, just the opposite. His cup is full and over-flowing. Luke tells us that His love will be pressed down, shaken together and still flowing over. His love is so great that the whole world can’t contain it.