‘He also made the Stars’

We read these words in the first chapter of Genesis. They are almost a throw-away line. We are told of the creation of the big things, like the light, water, skies and sun. Four words tucked away in the middle of the vast creation story.

I live in a built-up area with plenty of light pollution, so my view of the stars is minimal. But nevertheless, they are still there, a wonderful part of God’s perfect creation. Research tells me that the light we now see from the stars is 10,000 years old; it has taken that time to reach us. This is completely outside my comprehension. With the naked eye we can see about 6,000 stars. (though not me!) They are always in the sky, just invisible as the sun reaches it’s full brilliance. In olden days, many a traveller and sailor would have found safety beneath these stars.

The most famous star was the one which led the wise men to the stable. I wonder if it was so bright that it could still be seen by day. This was a star which led and guided until it stood ‘right over the place where the young child lay.’