Unrestrained conversation

We have lost many things because of covid, but there is one thing I’ve only just discovered, because it is returning. There used to be conversation between passengers on the buses. For a while older people were discouraged from using public transport, then we moved to a stage where mask wearing was compulsory. We didn’t even look at each other, let alone talk. Now that there is an easing of restrictions, conversation is returning.

I had a delightful journey yesterday. There was a young man travelling with his carer. His conversation was constant and guileless. He greeted everyone who got on the bus and said goodbye as they left. In between we were all asked if we liked fruit. The conversations didn’t progress very far as on each occasion the young man listed the fruits he liked.

A small incident but I left the bus with a smile on my face. He wouldn’t know or even understand the joy he gave to people that day.