Much Loved Baby

My friend’s daughter has had a baby boy just before Christmas and I was delighted to be invited to the christening. Jason lay in his mother’s arms gently cooing and sometimes bawling. Doting aunts and uncles, especially aunts, tickled his cheek or stroked his tiny outstretched fingers. The relatives resorted to the usual ‘baby talk’ which was unintelligible to everyone, especially the baby.

Their love was unconditional. At this stage in his life it wasn’t known whether he would grow up to be a pillar of society living in high places or a difficult citizen living mostly in prisons or borstals. The strange thing was he had never done anything to deserve the love that was being bestowed on him. He hadn’t been clever, gained degrees or helped the poor. He was loved for just who he was.

That is exactly like our relationship with God. We have not and cannot do anything to deserve God’s love. No good works, sacrifice or deprivation can earn that love. He has loved us from the beginning of time and will continue to love us for all eternity. God’s love is not given as a result of our good works or else we would become boastful. There is absolutely nothing for us to do. All we can do is accept His love and redemption with gratitude.