What will Happen Tomorrow?

I recently heard the story, whether apocryphal or true I don’t know, about a vicar of a country church. He was very diligent and every Thursday and Friday he spent the days preparing for his sermons for Sunday. On this particular week he seemed unable to come up with a theme, let alone write a sermon. However how hard he tried nothing would come. Thursday passed without a theme, Friday passed without the sermons. During Friday night he had a heart attack and now being in hospital, he wouldn’t be needing any sermons. God knew, he didn’t.

Man proposes and God disposes, I was told as a young person. In the past it used to be common after outlining plans to say D.V. (Deo Volen – God willing) It still applies today. God knows the future, we don’t.

‘Tomorrow, we will go to this and that ……………………………..Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow…………….If it is the Lord’s will we will do this and that. James 4:13 onwards.