Who is my Neighbour

My neighbour is Mary who live across the road. But it doesn’t stop there. My neighbour is anyone who needs my help. That’s a pretty large field! Fortunately God directs us in certain directions, but there is no limit to the type of person. Everyone’s sphere of service will be different. God may want us to give aid to those in need in our church or city. Equally He may be asking us to consider those in Ukraine with some particular gift which we have. God may wants us to give to complete strangers.

In our giving we need to consider the needs of the person to whom we are giving. We all know the story of helping the old lady across the road and she didn’t want to go. (that actually happened to my friend Mary. Mary was waiting for a bus, her son came by on a motor bike. The traffic waited while he wanted to help his mother cross.)

I often phone friends who I think need a call to cheer them up. As I ring I imagine them in their own homes and coming to pick up the phone. That means my call my be more helpful to them.