‘Here I am!’

There are a number of occasions in the Bible where a servant of God presents himself God and announces ”Here I am.’ When Abraham says this in Genesis 22:1 he has no idea what God is going to ask him to do. ‘Take your son and sacrifice him!’ Although there can be no greater shock, Abraham obeys. God called Jacob in a dream Genesis 46:2 On replying ‘Here I am’ he is told to go to Egypt and meet his long lost son, Joseph.

When Moses replied to God, ‘Here I am’, God sent him to lead a nation for nearly forty years. Samuel’s reply ‘Here I am.’ to God led him to confront Eli’s sin and eventually become the next prophet. Isaiah says the same thing, offers himself and God was able to use him mightily.

When God calls us and we reply ‘Here I am,’ we might not have to lead a nation or become a prophet but great adventures will be ahead.