‘Your Will Be done.’

This phrase is something I can struggle with. Of course, I want God’s will to be done and not mine. God is all-mighty and all-wise. I make many mistakes running my own small life. But how do I pray? It’s easy to find myself giving God instructions. ‘Please ease the financial burdens of some particular person.’. ‘Please God heal my friend’s sick daughter.’ It seems right to pray against bad things, but God knows what is best. Am I telling God what He already knows? Am I telling Him ho9w to act? He knows the financial situation of my friend; He knows another friend has a sick daughter.

If I say at the end of my prayers ‘Your will be done.’ I must really mean it and add ‘your will not mine,’ though God’s answer may completely the opposite of what I wish. I’m not trying to change God’s mind when I pray. As I’ve said ‘His will is best.’