Pray Without Ceasing

In 1 Thessalonians 5 we are exhorted to ‘pray continually.’ How can we do that is in this frantically busy world? Paul who wrote these words must have had a slower pace of life! But what I believe is that we need to have an attitude of prayer. We need to be only a breath away from uttering another prayer. We can have a structured time of prayer, morning and or evening, when we might use Bible notes as we read the Bible. As soon as we wake in the morning we can give thanks for a night’s sleep. We can give thanks for the promise of a new day.

Leaving home we should pray for our neighbours, travelling we might pray for fellow commuters. Hearing a police car or ambulance we can pray for those involved. Those we know who have problems can feature in our prayers during the day and there are many situations that can demand instant arrow prayers.

That’s praying continually.