Music and Faith

Following on with the thoughts of the influences of Christianity in our lives today, I turn to music. The tradition of Christian music still has impact on our lives today.

‘Amazing Grace’ is the most recorded song ever (yes, it beats I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas!) I didn’t know but it has featured in the films Star Trek, The Wrath of Khan and the TV Simpsons series. The hymn has been quoted by President Barak Obama and other people of note.

Another well-known and much-sung hymn is ‘Abide with Me.’ Even I have been known to stand at football matches with tears running down my face.(Maybe the tears were for the state of my team rather than my faith!). But I also have used it in time of need and meant every word.

When thinking of Christian music, we mustn’t forget Handel’s ‘Messiah’ which is an example of music and Biblical words merged together. To hear it played and sung at the Royal Albert Hall in London stirs the soul.