The Burning Bush

To see a burning bush must have rung alarm bells for Moses. He was in a very dry land, would a bush on fire start a ‘bush’ fire? They must have had them in the Holy Land. Then he marvelled as the fire was self-contained. No earthly danger, just a divine danger. He heard God speaking to him, ‘you are on holy ground’ Then he uttered the words which many of the patriots uttered, ‘Here I am.’ When he heard the commission, his words changed to ‘Who am I?’

How often do we say to the Lord ‘Here I am.’ Then we hear His next words. ‘I want you to be a missionary in Outer Mongolia.’ ‘No Lord,’ we cry,’ anywhere in the world except Outer Mongolia.’ ‘Take a meal to your bereaved neighbour.’ ‘No, Lord, you know she hates me, I can’t go there.’ Or the much used excuse ‘I’m not good enough, clever enough or eloquent enough.’

God got his way with Moses. Moses ended up leading the people of Israel out of Egypt and towards the promised land. I wonder if God gets His way with us.