The Sense of Hearing

My friend who wears glasses as well as two hearing aids, found that when she was also wearing a mask during the covid pandemic she twice lost her hearing aids. It was just so difficult to keep everything in place. I am blessed with good hearing but many of my friends as they get older are finding it difficult to hear clearly especially in noisy environments.

Hearing aids are obviously a blessing but like every man-made appliance they are not as good as the hearing God gave us in the first place. With a tendency for noisy bands and crowded raves I fear there will be more hearing loss in the future. The joy of good hearing is the joy of silence; the joy when the only sound is a distant singing bird or the gentle lap of the waves.

Our hearing is a gift from God so we can communicate and hear the pleasure of His nature. We need to take care of ears. I remember the last time I heard the cuckoo and also a grass-hopper. I don’t hear them now not because of loss of hearing but because of loss God’s creatures. Let us exercise our ears to hear God’s blessings while we can.