E.G.N. – extra grace needed. I’m told that the minister of my church during my teenage years kept a list of all the members of the congregation. Then each week he would sit in the pew where they usually sat and pray for them. Beside the names of some people he had written the initials E.G.N. That stood for extra grace needed. No, we never knew who had that doubtful privilege.

Unfortunately we all know people like this. The words ‘walking on egg shells’ comes to mind. It is very easy to offend them, they can take what you say the wrong way. As teenagers we used to say that in heaven ‘their harp would be out of tune and the cloud they were sitting on would be damp.

You can see I wasn’t very good as a young person and probably should have known better. But I do hope I and my family weren’t E.G.N. people in our church!