When I feel like it.

‘I only read when I feel like it or when I have the opportunity. They don’t often happen together. ‘

These words were overheard words from a teenager. Is this like our prayer life. We only prayer when we feel like it. We only pray when we have the time. Do these things ever happen together? The devil will make sure they rarely happen at the same time. We need to prayer through our feelings. If it becomes a habit, it will grow into a great longing. We need to pray especially when we don’t feel like. God is waiting to hear from us.

It needs to become a habit , feelings are only one aspect of prayer. In this busy world, when is there time to pray? Prayer needs to be a welcome habit, morning or evening or whenever. Set in stone, not to be missed. Prayer is vital to our Christian lives. Arrow prayers can be sent at any time. The rewards will be immense. We mustn’t let the world shut out prayer.