Wants and Needs

I’ve recently discovered once again that God always provides all my needs but not always my wants. Often what I think I want is not what God knows I need. I might want a sunny day to go out and enjoy myself but God knows that the farmers need rain, which is more important than my little desires. I can want perfect health and plenty of money. Neither would make me a more useful person to serve the Lord.

God has recently send me friends with offers of help just then I’ve needed them. I’ve wanted more visitors when I’ve been ill and I’ve wanted help just when I’ve wanted it. But God has sent the friends and help at just the right time. He really is better at running my life than I am!

It’s not just me. God is better at running the world than any politician or leader. No-one has enough wisdom. If only we could turn over the world to God more, it would be a better place.