The Old Testament is such a source of inspiration which we ignore at our peril. So much of the New Testament can be understood through the eyes of this earlier testament. The Old quotes in the New are many and varied especially those by Jesus used to show that He was the fulfillment of the prophecies about the Messiah.

Yet another source of inspiration are the stories of the warriors of old. There were many battles to be fought and enemies to be overcome. God is for ever sending these heroes words of encouragement, words which still resound for us today. ‘Do not fear, I am with you,’ ‘the Lord goes before you and will never leave you.’

We may not be fighting physical battles today but we are fighting battles of the spirit and mind. We are surrounded by temptations. The devil is not on holiday. These Biblical words of comfort help us today. We can read a psalm each day for three months and be filled with encouragement.