No Mud

I remember as a child playing out for hours in the lanes and fields round my house. We seemed quite safe in those days. One of our favourite pastimes was damming up a small stream. It took a lot of hard work to stop the flow of water. Then we would scrabble about in the remaining mud getting our socks and shoes very dirty. My mother must have despaired of my daily muddy socks.

There was no such trouble with Joshua and the Jordan. As soon as the priests carrying the ark stepped into the water the flow stopped and built up at the town of Adam. I wonder whether the water flooded the town or whether it stood there like a block of ice. Then the Israelites walked through on dry ground. It seemed to dry up immediately. Not like my dammed-up stream. Can you imagine how muddy the ground would have been trampled on by thousands of Israelite feet! When God does a miracle, He does it 100%.