‘Save Yourself’

It is completely beyond belief that Jesus, the Son of God, the creator of the world should hang helpless, bleeding and dying on a cross. The crowd who passed by shouted, ‘Save yourself, come down from the cross.’ The scribes jeered at Him, ‘He cannot save himself.’

That was the irony of the situation. The all-powerful Jesus could so easily have saved Himself. He had the power and way beyond to do that. His real power and strength lay in the fact that He didn’t save Himself. He knew He had to die and rise again to be able to save the sins of the world. No wonder He said ‘Father forgive them. They know not what they do.’ His life, His miracles and His teaching were not the important thing about Him. His dying and resurrection signified who He was and what He was about.

It is so sad for the people who regard Easter time as just another holiday or an interruption in their working week. They know about Ramadan and the Passover as religious times but fail to understand the significance of Easter. It is not just another Bank Holiday.