One More Found

We probably all have friends and family who once faithfully followed Jesus but lately seem to have fallen away. Often our task is to pray for their return. In many instances we will not be able to speak to them or contact them, our task is to pray. I refrain from using the word ‘just’. Our prayers on earth have so much power in heaven. Luke 15 tells of the angels in heaven rejoicing when these people return to the fold.

I believe this parable points to the ‘found’ who have become ‘ lost’. as well as those who have never been ‘found’. I also believe that once someone is truly saved they cannot be lost for ever, but I know there are different opinions about this. Along with the angels we also can rejoice at these transformations, whether our prayers have been involved or not. How uplifting it is to hear of people praying for many years and their prayers finally being answered. Like all of us, I have a number of people on my list.