The Clouds

I know that God is everywhere on earth and in heaven, but I love looking at the clouds and imagining Him up there. When the sky is bright blue (sky-blue) I can think of Him up there looking down on His world. It is as if the blueness goes on for ever. When the sky is dark and overcast I know that He is still there beyond the darkness.

Clouds dark or otherwise are so insubstantial. A change of wind direction or speed they are gone. Compared to the vastness of the sky they have no depth. They have formations, they change shape, have different forms and different names. Are our problems as passing? Some are and with guidance and help from God they disappear. Others are more severe but still need the help of God.

When I pray I find it difficult to stay focused as my mind wanders. But by looking at the skies it helps me to stay ‘grounded.’ Grounded in the presence of my God.