The Widow at Zarephath

The saying goes ‘One good turn deserves another.’ A good saying but not executed much in our societies. This widow in this story was in such great need that she was preparing the last meal for herself and her son before preparing to die of starvation. How unwelcome Elijah’s request would have been! There would not be enough food for three people but nevertheless, she obeys. You can’t gainsay a prophet’s command.

Her obedience was rewarded a hundredfold. The jar of flour would not be used up and the jug of oil would not run dry until the drought was over. She would be catering for Elijah for the next few years. Then we are told that some time later the young son would fall ill and die. Again her kindness would be rewarded yet again. Elijah performed a miracle and brought the lad back to life.

This meant that neither the widow or her son died of starvation during the period of drought. She would also be depending on her son to provide for her as he grew up and this he was able to do because of Elijah’s intervention. Our God is a future-planner.