God is Ahead of Me

If I’m directed to the same passage of scripture twice in the same day, I think God must be trying to get a message into my stubborn mind. As I only read two or three scriptures each day I pay very careful attention to the repeats.

This happened to me one day last week. I was directed to one particular scripture, firstly on paper and then on my mobile phone reading. I thought about it but felt it had no relevance to my particular situation. Then on the Sunday morning the preacher used the same passage. I was really confused; three repeated messages but no particular meaning to me.

Two days late an unexpected, unwelcome occurrence disrupted in my life. It was then I realised that God had spoken four times. The messages of comfort and assurance suddenly made sense as I now recalled the words that had been placed before me the previous week. Peace filled my mind and soul where I would have expected none. My God had gone before, He knew the end from the beginning.