‘Go you into all the world.’ This is what the Great Commission tells us but all too easily the commission becomes the omission – the time is not right, I’m waiting for the call, Lord, not there, not now. We can make all the feeble excuses imaginable.

It might not be time for our Great Commission but what about the small commission, what about that un-glamourous call? The lady over t he road needs our help putting her bins out. We could write a letter of encouragement to someone or even send a text. We could become really expansive and make that a phone call or visit. There will be no accolades for doing these things but they are still a commission!

Great commissions are seen by everyone but small deeds of compassion are of equal value. Jesus made this quite clear in His sermon on the mount. God sees these actions and will give His own reward. May our commission become a submission.