Change of Plan

I recently had a train journey which went anything but smoothly. Because of a train derailment further up the line, I was directed to another route where I had several changes of train. My plans for the day were in disarray. Then to keep myself calm and while away the time I began to think of people in the Bible whose plans were changed, big time.

Paul set out on a journey to persecute Christians which was his normal practice. Before the day was out he had fallen on his knees, gone blind, was not able to complete his journey and was given a new name. That rather puts my train delays in the shade. I was not injured in any way, had retained my sight, did eventually complete my journey and kept my identity throughout.

Like Paul, God turned my plans into small adventures for His good. Cancelled trains mean crowds of people. Before I was even able to get on my first train I managed to grab the only empty platform seat and I found myself sitting next to a friend I hadn’t seen for months. She was able to tell me of the progress of a mutual friend who had been involved in a car accident. Later that day she was able to pass on my good wishes to the injured friend. I was then introduced to a further friend of hers also waiting for non-existent trains. As Christians we had a lot in common and were able to talk about Christian matters. Very small incidents but I was able to go on my way rejoicing. Potential frustration was turned into satisfaction. God had gone before.