God-ordained Marriage

Back in my day we tended to meet our life partners at our workplace, through church or contact through relatives. Before my day people met mainly through church, often because more people went to church. Today I understand that people meet through dating apps on line, even through Christian dating apps.

Right back to Biblical times there was also a problem God used a meeting at a well to bring Isaac and Rebekah together. Abraham needed to find a wife for his son. Although he and his family were living in Canaan he didn’t want to choose a Canaanite woman, nor did he want Isaac to go back to the land where they used to live. A servant was used as a go-between.

The servant appealed to God for help, may the woman that he met at the well give him a drink and also offer water to his camels. God had gone before, Rebekah made the offer to the camels, the servant met her father and the deal was done. I do feel a little sorry for Rebekah who had to make such a hasty farewell.