Staying inTouch

There is not a person in this life who has not got worries and troubles. In many ways the world is a more unstable place than it has ever been. In our nation, as we move further and further away from God, we seem to be adrift in a sea of uncertainties, disasters and problems. Poor mental health is on the rise and we don’t know where to turn.

But that is the point. We do know where to turn. How can we hope with our finite minds to come up with the answers? We do not have enough wisdom or experience. We need to turn to our God who has all the wisdom and experience. He has been running the world for thousands of years. He knows every aspect of every problem. God knows the end from the beginning. So let us forget our own ignorance. May we get into contact with the God of all knowledge. We don’t need to struggle alone, just get into touch with God.