Sleep and Prayer

As I have a health condition which causes me to sleep a lot, I have to make sure that the rest of my lie is used profitably. When I used to go to work I always got up at 6.00 am as I had a long journey. Although well retired now I still get up at the same time, it has become a habit. It could be so easy to lie in bed for another half an hour.

Then what about my phone? I could easily spend an hour or more just scrolling. Nowadays there are very few messages which need an immediate reply Television! There is a great deal of rubbish and harmful things on the telly. I only need to see the headlines of the news not watch it three times a day. And some programmes are positively harmful for Christians.

So what should I do with the time I’m not wasting? Pray is a good answer, there can never be too much prayer. It is something that can be done in a short space of time or slow, deliberate and lengthy. God always to hear from us and there is never a shortage of things to pray for. As Paul urges us, ‘Pray without ceasing.’