Do You want to be Healed?

This was the question that Jesus asked the invalid at the pool of Bethesda John 5. I noted with interest that the man didn’t actually reply to the question. In stead he answered why he hadn’t been able to get into the pool for 38 years. Very valid reasons! Someone always got into the pool before him. I wonder if he wanted to be healed. If he was healed he would need to get job and he wouldn’t be able to beg.

I remember someone who years ago did me much harm. I need to be healed of this remembrance. I need to feel genuine forgiveness; instead of sometimes playing the scene over and over again. I need to be healed. Do I sometimes hide behind my ill-health? If I feel too ill to do something it might be because I don’t want to do it in the first place. A bit of effort on my part might be all that is needed.

Jesus got to the heart of the problem. Do we want to be healed of our sins? Would it mean changing our lives, would it mean giving things up? This is a question we all need to consider at some time.