It is not Mine

For 18 years I’ve developed and nurtured my garden. Many of the plants have a special significance to me. Each season has been full of surprises as old faithful flowers have returned and new ones have self-seeded. It is a garden that has drawn favourable comments from passers by. During this period of time I have spent so many happy hours, mostly gardening, but also just sitting enjoying.

Today the new owners came of my house and their families came to visit. Abbie is a very keen gardener and Joel will do all the heavy work. I realised that in a few weeks it will be their garden and not mine.

In fact, it has never been mine, I have been a steward for God. Thousands of years the land was probably covered in forest and a century ago it was a notable nursery. Goodness know what it will be in the future. I’ve been working for God to enhance His kingdom in my very small way. The work has given me pleasure and enjoyment to passers by. God has graciously allowed me to be part of the work.