I spent less than an hour having a friendly cup of tea with my neighbours. At the end of that time I realised we had spent the whole morning moaning and complaining that things are not ‘as they used to be.’ It is true many things have changed over the years, mostly not for the better. It is a fact that our grandparents would not recognise things as they are today. But it is equally true that their grandparents would not recognise the lives that their grandchildren were leading.

I was able to urge my friends to think on what has not changed. The nature that God created is still there. The daisy is still as beautiful and the birds still sing as sweetly. When I visited the Holy Land, although smoke was rising from the bombing of Damascus, there were still the same flowers that Jesus saw and the same water lapped on the Lake of Galilee.

Most importantly our God has not changed. He is still our Saviour. His love has not and cannot diminish one little bit. ‘Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever.’ Hebrews 13:8