He Knows

I know how important it is when we engage in the act of Holy Communion. Each time I partake of this sacrament it is one less time for me to take it on this earth. I try to concentrate, connect with God and take it seriously.

One Sunday morning I just could not concentrate. I had a pressing problem which needed an answer fairly soon. During the service I kept praying to God to help me concentrate more; I asked for forgiveness for my inattention, but still I couldn’t keep my mind on the matter in hand. There was no way I could be mindful and joyful.

At the end of the service my friend sitting next to me and having no idea of the turmoil that was going on in my mind , uttered one sentence. That one sentence was the answer to my worry and problem. I no longer had a problem, I knew the answer.

I realised that even as I was sinning with my inattention, God was at work. If only I had been able to say to God,’ I have a worry but I’m going to give it to you and give You my full attention..’ I would not have missed the blessing that God was trying to give to me.