12 Baskets

We are so familiar with the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand that we can sometimes overlook the wonder of it all. Imagine 5,000 people in our local football stadium, all tired, weary and hungry. I am surprised that only one young lad had his lunch with him. Imagine the pride of his mother when she realised that her humble lunch was so wonderfully used by our Lord.

I was also interested in the twelve baskets of remnants of food. These represented one basket for each disciple . I wonder what they did with theirs. Did they eat some of the food, or leave it out for the lepers, or distribute it to the needy in the nearby villages?

We have all been given a basket. It is wrong to say we have no talents, God has given something to each one of us. What are we doing with ours. Do we hoard them and selfishly keep them to ourselves? Or do we share them with others? We need to give account of our talents.