Rich Tapestry of Colours

Every it happens so suddenly. One day the leaves on the trees are various shades of tired green and just the next day they are displaying a myriad vivid colours. How can this happen so suddenly or have I been or have I been sleepwalking? Another question – are this year’s colours better than the last year? No, every year is beautiful and wonderful.

The point is that every year is a miracle. Trees have a special life-cycle. In fact, every part of creation is a masterpiece. Everything is made by a loving God who also has a sense of humour. Who but God could design a giraffe or a centipede? God has filled every part of His universe with wonders. The oceans, deep or shallow, are not wasted space, they are teaming with life. The skies are filled with birds who are so important for sustaining our life.

The land, which I understand only covers 10% of the earth’s surface, supports various living creatures, including us. Nothing is wasted or superfluous.All work together in a universal jigsaw. No wonder the Bible is full of His praise. ‘Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, my soul.