Not On My Own

I was struggling to cope although my troubles were small compared to those of many people. The worries were becoming too much for me and my aging body was failing to cope. I tried to sort out each problem before they became too much for me and I became ill with the stress.

But I wasn’t meant to cope alone. I have a loving Father who is waiting for me to cast my burdens on Him. I have the Holy Spirit who will protect and guide me. What is it about we humans who think we have to cope alone? Why are we so arrogant? There is no way we can successfully manage, we are foolish to try. The Bible is full of people who were guided by God. Our circumstances are different, that was another era but God doesn’t change.

‘He leads me beside the still waters, He refreshes my soul, He guides me along the right paths for His name’s sake.’ Psalm 23:2-3