Never the Same

Today I think again of the wise men. They left the prestige of their own country to follow a star which they knew was a sign of the birth of a great king. During the many days of travelling their robes would have become travel-stained but still indicated that they were people of wealth. Those same clothes would be trailing in the dirt at the stable as they worshipped.

Having offered gifts and paying homage to the object of their journey they would make the long trail back home. After their encounter with the King of Kings their lives would never be the same again. it would be a fantastic story to tell their ancestors. As they walk out of history we will never know how much that impact was.

One thing we do know, our meeting with God will change our lives for ever. Just a glimpse of Jesus and His purpose for coming to earth will alter our very outlook on life. Our future will be directed by Him and away from our selfish desires. Oh that we may all have that glimpse of Him this Christmas.