As a teenager I never imagined I would be alive to see this date. When a young woman I had no thought of what it would like to reach my eighties. How good God has been. Firstly He has allowed me to get here while a number of my friends have died far too early. Then as the years have rolled by we have all had ‘weary ways and golden days;’ our lives have been like a roller-coaster. Our memories are precious, there has been so much happiness, parcelled up with sadness. Decades have been either good or bad.

But, praise be, one thing is constant. God has never changed; His love and care are never altering. Seasons have come and gone, fortunes have varied, hope has died and been replenished. Wars have replaced peace; peace has followed war. But our God is constant, reliable and unfailing.

I wish all my readers a blessed and peaceful New Year.