Hidden Steps

It had rained, it had frozen over, then it had snowed again. I really needed to travel to the shops but that was probably unsafe and dangerous. Nevertheless I was stubborn; I wasn’t going to let a little inclement weather stop me. As well as wearing warm clothing, on my back I was carrying my back-pack and walking poles in my hands.

The short walk was not easy. As the snow had covered the ice I walked along grass verges when I could and trudged as close to hedges and fences when I couldn’t. Instead of ten minutes, the journey took twenty-five. It was the same route that I’d always walked, the difference was I couldn’t tell what was under my feet. Each step was dangerous and unknown.

Our walk through life is along uncharted ways, we don’t know whether our steps in the next few days will be along green pastures or perilous precipices. Our footsteps will be along the unknown. We need the firm foundation which only Christ can give.